The Northwest Farm Bill Action Group is a group of community members who are concerned about the current state of our food system. The organization began organizing under the direction of the Community Alliance for Global Justice in August 2010, after it hosted a community conference called “Food Fight!” which sought to help people understand how the Farm Bill affects them personally and to create a vision for a better Farm Bill.

Today, the Northwest Farm Bill Action Group is building a diverse alliance of people and organizations in the Pacific Northwest who advocate for a more healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system. Through collaboration, we provide a space for Pacific Northwest communities to educate themselves about the upcoming Farm Bill and to cultivate the tools to take action and effect policy change to work for a better food system.

The Northwest Farm Bill Action Group is fiscally sponsored by the Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network.

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Created August, 2010 by participants at the founding workshop for the Northwest Farm Bill Action Group with Ben Burkett.

Northwest Farm Bill Action Group • www.nwfoodfight.org • 2011
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