Labor and Immigration

Can healthy food come from unhealthy workers? (Twilight Greenaway, Grist, January 24, 2012)

How US Policies (NAFTA) Fueled Mexico’s Great Migration (David Bacon, The Nation, January 4, 2012). This is a great explanation of how NAFTA destroyed the Mexican economy for farmers.

Agricultural Justice Project: AJP envisions a food system that is based on thriving, ecological family-scale farms that provide well-being for farmers, dignified work for wage laborers, and that distributes its benefits fairly throughout the food chain from seed to table. As a first small step towards this ambitious goal, AJP is launching domestic fair trade in the United States with a social justice label, Food Justice Certified.

The Color of Food (Yvonne Yen Liu and Dominique Apollon, Applied Research Center, February, 2011). The Color of Food explores the universe of workers that populate the food chain, from food’s inception as seed to when it reaches our plates at home or in restaurants. Generally, such broad explorations of the color and gender of the food workforce have been rare. This mapping of the race, class and gender of food workers will be a baseline from which the food justice movement can dream of a new
supply chain, one that sustains and nourishes its labor, as well as its consumers.

Hiring Locally for Farm Work Is No Cure-All (Kirk Johnson, NY Times, October 5, 2011). OLATHE, Colo. — How can there be a labor shortage when nearly one out of every 11 people in the nation are unemployed?

Labor pains on the farm (Tom Laskawy, Grist, October 6, 2011). Laskawy answers the article published in the NY Times listed above).

Farmers fear illegal-labor crackdown: Mandatory E-Verify would put some out of business, they say (Rob Hotakainen/McClatchy-Tribune, The Columbian, August 1, 2011)

Campaign for Fair Food (Coalition of Immokalee Workers)

Farmworker Justice Praises Rep. Baca’s Leadership on Farm Bill (prwire, 2010)

The Farm Bill: Some Gain, but Mostly Pain for Global Workers (Haley Wrinkle, International Labor Rights Forum, 2008)

A Fair Farm Bill and Immigration (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, 2007)

Northwest Farm Bill Action Group • • 2011
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